Now that we are well and truly in the heart of winter (summer, please come back soon), we thought it would be a good opportunity to share some tips and tricks for bedroom styling.With the onset of cold weather, there’s nothing like a cosy bedroom. We don’t know about you, but with no daylight savings and a dip in temperature, there’s nothing like having a warm and beautiful bedroom to retreat to. Take a look at some of our suggestions to make your bedroom the inviting space that it should be.

Adding layers and textures-

If any space in the home is going to be cosy, you want it to be your bedroom. In order to create warmth and interest, add pieces in varying textures – a sheepskin rug, an oversized woollen throw or cushions in various sizes and materials. Layering is also a good way to add texture, and really bring the space to life and make sure it’s not one dimensional. Check out Woollen Collective for some beautiful throws.

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Invest in good bed linen-

There’s nothing like going to sleep and waking up in nice, crisp bed linen. Make sure you do yourself a favour and invest in good quality linen. This is also a good way to quickly transform the bedroom into a space that looks magazine worthy. Play around with different sized pillows and linens to really make the bed look plush. We always go a size up for the quilt, so that there is a nice over hang. Gone are the days where bed linen needs to be patterned, we love the simplicity of 100% natural linen in beautiful tones. Check out In The Sac.

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Add greenery-

Incorporating greenery into the bedroom adds a flash of freshness, as well as creating a peaceful atmosphere for your restful space. Plants can be hung from the ceiling if you are short on space, otherwise there are so many pots and vessels that can be tied back into the style of the room. There are so many plants available, so take some time to consider a plant that fits the space and your own personality. If you want something interesting but low maintenance, then consider a succulent or cactus. If you would like a plant that offers more foliage, then take a look at Devil’s Ivy or the trusty Fiddle Leaf. For more information, read our blog on our five favourite plants.

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Add artwork-

Adding a large piece of art, or a group of smaller pieces, adds a level of interest and sophistication to a bedroom. It’s important to make sure the artwork is big enough so it doesn’t get lost, but not so large that it overwhelms the space. This is your chance to really personalise your space, so make sure you choose a piece that really resonates with you. For instance, colour palettes or a particular style of artwork. Artwork has the ability to tie the whole bedroom together, as well as adding colour and texture, so is definitely worth taking the time to consider all the options. For some artwork options please check out our artwork collection.


Lighting for bedrooms-

Setting the right ambience for your bedroom is very important. Ideally you want the room to be light in the day, and then at night have the ability to create a softer mood for rest. It is also an idea to make sure that the lighting is even, so the room does not appear imbalanced. For instance, make sure that there is a bedside lamp on both sides of the bed. Consider installing dimmers to alter the overall effect, or having lamps that can be turned on at night time, with the main lighting being able to be turned off. Natural light is the best source of light for the day time, so make sure your window treatments have the ability to make use of this.

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These are just a few of the tips and tricks that we like to take into consideration when designing bedrooms for our clients. We understand the importance of making a bedroom peaceful, and in a way a little retreat from the rest of the house (chaos)!!