We can’t believe that it’s nearly December!! Where did that year go?
We have been a little quiet lately on our newsletters and blog (sorry!), upon reflection this year has been nothing short of CRAZY!! Whilst we have been busy and living in a state of organised chaos, we are really proud of the projects we have worked on. This year has seen the start of some projects that are little different from our normal ones, and we can wholeheartedly say that “change is good” and has definitely added a sense of re-invigoration.

Often people can fear change and doing something different, whether it be in a personal or professional sense – let’s be honest as human beings it is easy to fear what we don’t know. If we’re really honest (particularly after long nights with no sleep), we can admit that there were times where we questioned whether it’s just easier to stick with what’s comfortable and familiar (pfft.. hardly- that’s not how we roll!). Ever since we completed The Block we have both immersed ourselves in a variety of residential projects, which we have truly loved and met some great clients who trusted our design vision. This year saw us working on some projects that were a little different, and we have really loved challenging ourselves on something new.

For the last 18 months we have worked on our first retail fit out for Caltex’s “The Foodary” in Melbourne’s Altona North. We have thoroughly enjoyed designing the dining area and bathroom, and giving the space a fresh, modern twist. The first thing that you will notice about The Foodary is that it doesn’t look or feel like a traditional petrol station. Everything from the modern interior design, layout, services and real food on offer will excite and surprise. The Foodary is all about providing customers with a convenient experience in both food and services. For instance, services such as laundry and parcel pick up have been added to the mix, along with a wide range of fresh meal options.


Bringing this retail space to life and re-creating a “home away from home” has enabled us to utilise some of our favourite design elements. We love adding greenery into spaces, and The Foodary’s dining area is filled with lush plants and a green wall, adding a light and airy vibe.












We also love mixing textures to add a point of difference, and one of our favourite features is the bathroom vanity that has a combination of dark timber with brass trimmings, completed with brass tapware. A real point of difference for the bathroom that has been designed to create a luxe and modern feel.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the final reveal and we look forward to designing more petrol stations in the future with new ideas and concepts. We have thoroughly enjoyed our first retail fit-out with no doubt many more to come. Stepping out of our comfort zone and expanding our repertoire has definitely been a highlight for 2017, and we look forward to continuing this in 2018

Psst…As well as completing our first retail fit out, we are working away on our Albert Park project. We can’t wait to share more information on this very special project in the New Year.

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