You know you’re craving a room makeover, when every time you walk past a room you keep repeating the same words “I can’t wait to change this space”.

Like most first time home buyers, we purchased a house that was perfect for us at the time and had huge potential to be remodelled to our taste, and accommodate for our growing family. Little by little we made some great changes over the years but now we just knew it was time to tackle our biggest project yet -the kitchen and outdoor patio.

If you’re in a similar mindset, have a read of my design tips, and the process we used to create a kitchen and outdoor patio we truly love!

old kitchen



Without a vision it’s hard to nail down a look and feel. There were so many designs we appreciated, elements that really appealed to us, and truly we loved them all. We knew though, that we needed to find “the one” that would satisfy aesthetics and clever functionality. So once we collected all our ideas, the process of elimination began and our chosen design felt absolutely right in relation to the rest of the house and the existing kitchen layout. Neutral, fresh, with timeless accent pieces like tiles and impressive accessories.











Choosing appliances was high on the hierarchy but so was making sure we selected appliances that ticked all the boxes in ergonomics, energy efficiency and of course visual appeal.

After carefully reviewing our choices, we quickly identified that all the appliances we liked were from Fisher and Paykel, which was convenient because brand uniformity is highly regarded in kitchen design.  So we chose a new fridge, dishwasher, oven, cooktop and range hood with the help from their team.

Integration for a seamless look was important, so we knew the Fisher and Paykel Double Dishdrawer was a winner for our family.  Not only did we have it integrated, but we loved the idea of a dishwasher that was energy efficient and could cater for heavy or light use through the clever feature of two independent drawers.

We loved the unobtrusive look of the 90cm Flush Gas on Steel Cooktop, which integrated perfectly with our working surfaces. With power levels catering for everything from a slow simmer for slow cooked meals, to an intense heat for juicy steaks and stir fries, we knew we had made the right choice. Featuring brushed stainless steel and cast iron trivets, it’s a breeze to keep immaculately clean and that was important in our decision-making.











What a difference beautiful tapware makes, even more so when it doubles as a dual temperature tap. Our Celsius Arc tap in gold by Zip Water Hydrotap has been quite the show-stopper.  Never before have we had so many comments about how impressive a tap looks. Best of all we have instant boiling hot water, no kettle noise waking up Dash early in the morning, and one less appliance on our bench top. Winning!











The team at EMR Marble and Granite did a wonderful job with our Caesarstone bench top. Not only did they work with us in choosing the right finish, they also handled the installation seamlessly. A double under-mount sink is something we’ve come to expect in modern kitchen design, however we took it one step further and chose to also have our cooktop integrated. This subtle design variation truly made a huge impact! This job required experience with precision cutting and exceptional craftsmanship to get the result we wanted for both the sink and the cooktop, so we only recommend using trusted suppliers.











We had a lot of fun working with this design, which was directed by key pieces that brought it all together in complete cohesion.

Designed around our favourite pastime, barbequing, we first made sure we selected the barbeque so we can fully integrate it. And we must admit, the 6-Burner Beef Eater Barbeque with its built in hood has been having a real workout since its installation. We love that it has even heat distribution, an intensive cleaning cycle and commercial grade stainless steel components for durability.

Our custom concrete bench tops by Love Concrete look earthy yet minimalist and contemporary. Most importantly, we know their aesthetic will not date and will outlast kids parties, and family celebrations.













Perfectly married with raw materials, the entire look came together so easily, with a beautiful integration of our indoor kitchen and our patio, no visual disconnect, just wonderful aesthetics continuity and flow.



Appliances – Fisher & Paykel

BBQ & Stainless steel doors – BeefEater

Custom concrete benchtops – Love Concrete

Gold Hydrotap – Zip Water

Outdoor screens – OutDeco

Outdoor tap & Kitchen sink – Oliveri

Tiles – Beaumont Tiles

Fabrication and install of benches – EMR Marble + Granite