If you were planning on styling your newly renovated home with roller blinds throughout, think again. With an endless choice of window coverings on the market, we reveal our favourite selections, which will “dress” your windows and “impress” your potential buyers on sale day!



During the last decade, renovators truly embraced roller blinds and made them the standard.

Be it the effective marketing, or the fact that they became a cost effective alternative, the industry witnessed masses of renovators choosing them with almost total exclusivity.

Every open inspection of a renovated property or a new build was likely to feature roller blinds throughout. “Yes”, to roller blinds as they now come in many textures and colours, but “no” to choosing them as your only option.

Current interiors trends demand more tactile, airy and feminine textures, with window coverings having the potential to make a real statement at the window. Don’t get stuck in the trap of the trusty, boring old, roller blind, there is a wide range of window coverings on the market that are available in hundreds of different fabrics, colours and textures. Blinds will really add to the ambience of your room, they play a big part in determining the light, privacy, temperature and finished look of the space.



“The higher you have your blinds fitted, the taller the wall will appear. Position the head box or track of your blinds as high as possible, or install them close to the ceiling for a seamless look that will make everyone think your space is much larger than what it really is.”



A big-step up from the traditional curtain, is smart Softshades. One of our favourites from the Softshades Collection is the Luminette Privacy Sheers range which combines the softness of a curtain with the functionality of a blind. They are available in a wide selection of fabrics and colour palettes that are on trend, from the purest whites, to the understated neutrals, and even dark and moody hues. With two opacities to choose from, translucent or room darkening – they make an excellent choice for any room in the house. These shades can be operated manually via a wand or motorised with an intelligent smart home automation system such as Powerview.



Both Luminette Privacy Sheers in Albert Park are from the Stria fabric range. The Master Bedroom is colour Ideal Greige and the Living colour is China White.



Fans and readers ask us all the time whether or not plantation shutters are worth the investment, and our answer is always the same. “Absolutely”.

Whilst most people think they are incredibly expensive, truth is there is so much competition in the market, and methods of production have become even more cost effective that in some cases it is cheaper to install a plantation shutter than any other window covering.

But remember, when you’re choosing your shutters it’s important to go for quality, not price! The Polysatin® shutters by Luxaflex bring a touch of understated elegance to many interiors, from contemporary classic to modern industrial, depending on your design. We love these shutters because they can be custom made to fit any window, big or small, with a choice in blade thickness that allows you to tailor your look. What’s best is that they are Australian made, and designed specifically with the harsh Australian climate in mind. Made from a Polyresin compound, these Shutters are guaranteed not to blister, peel, fade or flake and are backed by a 20 year warranty. Their light and privacy control is fantastic, they are incredibly easy to keep clean, and above all they offer an impressive upmarket appeal to any property.

We loved working with team at Luxaflex who collaborated with us on our window coverings selections for our recent renovation in Albert Park. Want to view our selections for every room? Download Episode 1’s supplier list , and check out our episode where you can get all the inspo and details.