Good things come in small packages; and that’s certainly true of RACV’s new Tiny Home. Designed by award-winning architect and host of Grand Designs Australia, Peter Madison, RACV’s newest concept home takes all the comforts of a larger dwelling and packs it into the convenience of a petite powerhouse.

RACV revealed the Tiny Home to the public at Open House Melbourne, which we were eager see – particularity because it has taken contemporary issues facing Victorians and created a space that encourages residents to live simpler by living smarter.

While the wooden clad exterior has a beautiful rustic aesthetic, the interiors give the home a suitably modern feel. With voice activated lighting, speakers and power points, residents can navigate the home simply by speaking out loud.

What this home lacks in space it makes up for in efficiency; fitted with the latest from Google Home, keyless entry and wireless security cameras. Not to mention the several saved arguments about turning out the lights.

Energy tracking technologies can be viewed on RACV’s Smart Home App, which enables users to track and manage everything from their energy usage to opening the front door. Although the gadgets may sound more space age than simple living, they have been integrated in a way that fits seamlessly and almost unnoticed. The result is a highly efficient, sustainable and inviting space, creating an everyday environment that feels a little more special.

Sleek interiors – designed by Madison Architects – are complimented by beautiful bespoke soft furnishings in wool, linen and felt sourced from local Melbourne textile artist Claire Kelder.

RACV’s Tiny Home takes the simplicity of the old and marries it with the new to create a truly efficient and robust home, with principles we can easily adopt into our own homes. Taking consideration for everyday life and intelligent design, the Tiny Home concept reminds us that less really is, more.

The RACV Tiny Home is hitting the road and touring Victoria. CLICK HERE to check out locations and dates.