Decorating is a wonderful way to express your personality and to practice a little audacity experimenting with patterns and textures. But what if you’ve tried and the final result seems a little ‘meh’! Follow our tips for a balanced interior that will capture your creativity and interest.

Whilst matching the elements in your interiors makes a lot of sense, be cautious because it may end up looking too matchy-matchy, and you don’t want that.

Your interiors represent you, so what does your space say about you? Is it a space that has stories to tell? Or does it look like a page from a furniture catalogue?

Creativity in interior design is like a muscle, and it needs constant exercise. Imagination is key and so is trial (and error). If you feel that your décor is somewhat mundane and everything is too lookalike, add a little visual interest and start by making small adjustments. Then sit back, have a look, and adjust again until you are happy with the outcome.






















Whether it’s cushions, throws, rugs or artwork, patterns in design are what spices are to cooking; they add flavour! Using artwork that features bold or large patterns will ignite your room and can happily coexist with other patterns as long as they are smaller in size and do not compete with each other.

Large-scale patterns work well in spaces that are relatively empty and bare.

The busier the pattern the busier your space will look, so remember not to overwhelm your interiors; balance is key!




















You know you’ve got your textures right when your guests are instantly drawn to your room and want to touch and feel everything. What are some good examples of textures? Think a soft velvet couch, a study with seagrass wallpaper, a hammered drum as a side table, linen curtains with a hint of pearlescence, a marble console against an exposed brick wall, a thick wicker basket as a magazine holder…you get the idea.

When it comes to mixing and matching, introducing multiple textures with complimentary colours will add layered depth and visual interest. If there is something missing from your space have a quick assessment and see if your room is craving textures.
















When it comes to mixing and matching your furniture, contrast is highly desirable and mixing new with old can be refreshing. An aged provincial dining table can look amazing with the Philippe Starck Victoria ghost chairs. A classic armchair can become contemporary if upholstered with new, on-trend fabric. Beyond upholstery, successful placement of new and old pieces provides aesthetic warmth and mystique to a room.




















Whatever you do, remember that mixing and matching is a fun journey; you start off with one idea or mood board, and the end result can sometimes surprise you. Be willing to let go and see where it takes you!