It’s been a long time coming, but this year both of us allowed our selves the time to have a vacation; to spend a few weeks away from phones, to-do lists, the media and even our daily routine tasks at home. We’ve travelled enough to know what works and what doesn’t, so if you’re ready to jet set away, this blog post may save your time, and your sanity!



Yes, you’ve heard this one before…planning ahead is key especially if you’re packing for more than one (husband and child). Allocate a designated area in your home where you literally transfer all the items you’ll need with you during your time away. Isolating your travel belongings into another room means you’ll eliminate garment mix-ups and double ups. Because let’s face it, you don’t want to end up with four pairs of low rise boyfriend jeans and only one t-shirt for your week away!

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Hurray for planning and a big tick for you. Now stand back and have a good look at all your clothing. Take a deep breath and remove 30% of that stash, yes, you read it right, it’s time to reduce the volume of clothing you are taking with you.

Think about all the times you’ve travelled in summer and ended up spending the entire day in your bikini, sarong and havaianas, bringing back with you most of your clothes untouched! Our tip: Pack to a ratio of 3 tops per 1 bottom!

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You want to be using every inch of your luggage, especially if you’re going away for an extended period of time, or if you’re bringing back other goodies from your imminent shopping sprees.

For that reason, we love zip lock bags; they separate our outfits and we can easily pack like-with-like (t-shirts, shorts etc). As a final step to this space saving tip, press out any air before you lock away the zip enough to create a vacuum.. You’d be surprised at how much space you create and how neat your luggage remains. Along with this little space saving we also encourage you to roll your clothes, then tuck it in those corners of your luggage which are dead space.

















You may think you’ve packed your toiletries well but remember that your luggage may experience a bit of a rollercoaster when it’s handled and loaded onto the aircraft. There is nothing worse than opening up your luggage to discover that your brand new bottle of Kevin Murphy shampoo is now douched allover your clothes. Our tip: Prevent liquids from bursting by unscrewing your lid, popping a small piece of cling wrap, and then securely replacing it. If the lid still opens during your flight, you’re safe!

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There is nothing more frustrating than having to bag your shoes in your luggage. Tying your shoes in plastic bags can alter their shape, and it’s messy. Our tip: No need to bag the entire pair of shoes, simply wrap the sole with a used shower cap (the hotel ones are great for this purpose) to prevent them from rubbing against your clothes. This means you can pack your shoes without having them in bulky pairs, which is great for space efficiency.

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Unless you have friends who work at your favourite fragrance counter, the chances of getting samples from your favourite fragrance are slim! Not to worry, because you can avoid breakage and save space by placing your bottles on the inside of your shoes!
















We’ve destroyed a few t-shirt bras in our lifetime from packing incorrectly. Along with that, there is nothing worse than wearing your favourite dress and having breasts that look lumpy and creased. To remedy this, stack your bras inside of each other and stack folder underwear inside.















Happy holidaying!