You know you have found the right rug when you lay it out and suddenly everything falls into place nicely. It’s as if your furniture, accessories and artwork are saying ‘yes please, come join us’. We receive many questions from fans asking us about how to choose a rug and what to look for. Read on as we show you how.


Rugs are not just great for walking on with bare feet. They play an important role in your decor by defining the areas of your home without having to add a physical barrier (i.e. a book case, or other piece of furniture) and this is even more important for large, open plan homes. Before you go out looking for rugs, define your area through the predominant functions of your room. Good zones for rugs are dining areas, living room areas, study nooks and children’s play areas, to name a few.

Scale is very important, and it can be the make or break of your room. No matter how beautiful the rug is if the size is wrong, it will affect everything in your design. For instance, a small rug in front of a sofa, or a rug that just fits the perimeters of a sofa is a big no-no. Our recommendations is to be generous with the size!

There are so many styles to choose from, and rugs can also be used as accent pieces provided that they are not competing with surrounding accessories or artwork. As a general rule, don’t buy a rug because you love it. You will need to consider its functionality and check to see how much foot traffic it is likely to receive. A pale cream-and-grey chevron rug may have seemed appealing in the showroom, but if it’s destined for the living room with kids and pets, it’s probably not the best choice.

Lastly, always choose based on the theme you have already selected for the rest of the space. It’s okay to mix and match but aim to be consistent with your choice.

Your rug must be able to do one of two things. Firstly, to balance your colour scheme, if that is what your space calls for, or secondly, to pick up on a colour accent from your furniture, accessories or artwork.

On that note remember, rugs do not need to be bright. At this point it may be a good idea to spend some time and craft your own mood board by grouping your selected colours together to see what works.


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