Kitchen Styling doesn’t Finish with the Splashback!

Once the renovation is over and your beautiful kitchen is complete (and had a thorough wipe down because builder’s dust is just the worst) it’s time to bring the space to life with your practical, yet aesthetically pleasing, final touches. The kitchen can be one of the most challenging rooms to style because it is the one area where functionality must reign supreme. Here are some ideas to bring personal style, visual interest, and efficiency to your kitchen styling.

The Colour Pop

Most kitchen designs opt for a neutral colour palette as areas like kitchens and bathrooms can be very expensive to makeover. As a general rule we incorporate on trend colours in accessories like tea towels, fruit, and ceramics, rather than cabinetry and splashbacks. An all-white kitchen, or a similarly neutral colour scheme, begs for an injection of colour. We love a wooden bowl full of lemons, pears, or apples, or some seasonal blooms on the island bench to achieve this. It’s inexpensive, can change with your mood and season, and has the added benefits of bringing a lovely aroma to the room to rival the sometimes whiffy kitchen drain or bin.

It’s all About the Cuppa…

When bench space isn’t tight we love to make a point of creating a little zone that pays homage to one of our favourite past times since becoming mothers, the drinking of coffee and tea. There are some absolutely stunning kettles and coffee machines out there in a range of sizes, styles and colour schemes. For the purpose of functionality and aesthetics we love to store tea bags, loose leaf tea, coffee beans or coffee pods in a gorgeous cannisters or jars. Think marble finish with wooden lids or a high gloss cannister that matches the colour of your small appliances. Unless you have an open shelf and some jaw dropping ceramics, our general rule is to keep coffee mugs behind cabinetry as, while visual interest is necessary in the kitchen, clutter is a big no-no!

Say Goodbye to the Small Appliance Roller Door!

Whilst once upon a time it was super chic to hide your kettle and toaster behind a pull down roller door in the kitchen, times have changed. The old white kettle that needs to be hidden at all costs has been replaced by the super stylish retro and modern inspired small appliances that are available in a huge range of colour schemes to suit every taste and style. A pared back kitchen can rely on a brightly coloured kettle and toaster to provide a pop of colour on its own, or, can be used to tie a colour scheme together in an open plan kitchen, living and dining space by pairing with accessories throughout the larger space. We absolutely love the Russell Hobbs Inspire Collection with its timeless and stylish design. With looks like these there is every reason to keep your small appliances on display and within arm’s reach. One of the biggest deciding factors for us in selecting small appliances is also capacity. Raising 2 ravenous boys each we have certainly developed an appreciation for a 4 slice toaster and the matching kettle has a generous 1.7 Litre capacity to boot.

A Kitchen for the 21st Century

The modern kitchen is no longer just a space for cooking and cleaning. It has become a social place, a dining space, even a home office or homework zone for some. It really is the heart of the home and thus its design and styling need to suit the ever evolving way in which we use the space. Avoiding clutter is essential so the styling selections need to add value to the space. Our top tip is to add colour and style with small electrical appliances that get used EVERY day or edible treats and flowers. Aesthetically pleasing kitchen tools can also make a great addition to the space, but once again, if you don’t use them often don’t waste your precious bench space. Avoid displaying picture frames, ornaments that can be displayed in less high traffic areas.

All these tips might seem a little overwhelming so to keep it simple- if it looks good and you use it frequently, incorporate it in your kitchen styling.

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