Our perception of the world is heavily determined by what we see and how it makes us feel. With that in mind, this week we draw our attention to lighting, with expert tips from us and our friends at Lights Lights Lights!
















Lighting has obvious functional reasons, but as interior designers we see lighting as the core element that promotes ambience, emotion and helps you create a space you love.



The process begins by spending time with an experienced lighting professional who will assess your environment, your needs and your style. Understanding the way a consumer inhabits a space is vital, the lighting design naturally evolves through that discussion and the requirement for ambience and/or function then becomes apparent.

















Any design oriented profession experiences trending and lighting is no different. At present there is a trend toward organic materials, sustainable in their design and their use. Raw, simple, elegant products that offer a timeless impression are the perfect accompaniment to the simplicity of 21st century architecture. Lights Lights Lights went to Euroluce in Milan earlier this year to experience worldwide lighting trends and it was so gratifying to see that the Australian palette is so similar to that of the European market. The Internet and social media seem to have bridged the gap between worldwide trending with such large populations and our seemingly tiny country in comparison.























Being spatially aware is imperative to lighting placement. Understanding the movement in the room, the dimension of the area and sheer volume of styling that will surround a light fitting is vital to making the right selection. Low ceilings are the most common challenge any lighting designer faces when specifying decorative lighting, so consider alternative solutions such as wall lights, or feature pendants off centre to the room and in a corner highlighting a nook.






















Placement is only determined after truly understanding the needs of the architecture and the needs of the user.


“Lighting has become the jewellery that adorns architecture”

 Danielle Mastro, Lights Lights Lights


Lighting offers warmth and function, and it represents the style of the users’ space. It is in every sense of the word essential to consider the placement and selection of a light fitting in every space, because it is the key feature to highlighting feature elements of a build.

With so many options for lighting, choosing the right products can seem overwhelming at times.

Creating a mood board for your space and your lighting helps, but even then you may choose lighting you think will suit your space only to have it delivered and realising soon after placement that it is not 100% right for your current design. Working with a professional at the inception of you your building plan extends throughout the journey of your build and we highly recommend that you factor this into your budget!
















Understanding your architectural plan in two dimension and being respectful to the philosophy of the design at the very early stages of planning will enable the marriage between lighting and structure, at its finest. When most people disregard the importance of lighting, we are here to remind you that it is imperative and if considered and planned carefully, it can completely transform your space!