There is nothing our spaces can’t provide for us, even more so because we’ve come to realise and appreciate that our home can indeed be our sanctuary; it’s no wonder we are seeing a surge in requests to design ‘Day Spa’ bathrooms. These are characterised by an aesthetic that makes us feel relaxed, calm and at peace.

In collaboration with Reece, we were given the design challenge to create a spa look for two different budgets; the everyday and the luxe versions, and it’s time we shared our top tips, so you can master the spa look in your upcoming build or bathroom renovation.


Whether you’re on a tight budget, or ready to splurge, the characteristics of a spa bathroom are the same, defined by an aesthetic that makes us feel relaxed, calm and at peace. Think muted colour schemes, and earthy materials like stone, which fulfill our yearning to connect with nature. You will also notice clean, bold lines that create a seamless and uncluttered look, and the pleasant visual repetition of green foliage and stacked or rolled towels. Sensory accessories like soy candles in beautiful votives, and body care products in attractive yet minimalist packaging are also representative of a Day Spa style bathroom.

In making product choices that are budget-dependant, the first thing you need to reflect on is how you plan to use your space and what elements are more vital to you in your everyday life. Whilst a Spa style bathtub will accentuate the design of your bathroom, it’s probably pointless to splurge on if you’ll rarely use it.
In this case, it would be wiser to prioritise the shower instead, or the vanity.

Having ample space is important, especially for us women who can never have enough storage for cosmetics. An oversized shallow mirror cavity with a strip of under mount, illuminated strip of lighting may offer more functionality and organisation in this case, which are both equally important.
Lighting is also key for your mood and for that final layering touch in a Luxe Spa bathroom that represents simple abundance.
Invest in dimmers and beautiful hanging pendants that add that extra element of form, calm and luxury. Spend more on the items that will matter to you now, and in the long term.


Working with reputable suppliers makes life easy in so many ways. Whenever we design a bathroom, we’ll jump onto the Reece website and use the 3D planner, and we find that it helps us get a really good idea of the space that we are working with. It’s fun to use because it allows us to drag-and-drop your chosen products into your 3D space, giving us real perspective on what the final design will look like. This is great not only for interior designers, but especially for people who are designing their own bathroom and may have difficulty visualising the space. This part of the preparation is fun and makes the product selection a breeze!


We’ve all experienced bathrooms that are challenged by minimal storage, and we all know that we don’t like them. Women especially, require ample storage for the collection of cosmetics and body products that usually sit on the vanity counter tops looking like clutter. And it’s not just the storage, but also the ability to move around in the bathroom, especially when the kids, the husband, and the dog enter; we know first hand, that breathing space becomes vital for families.
Reece’s 3D planner was excellent for this aspect of our planning. You’d be surprised how you can maximise space by moving the toilet or bathtub around, and the planner does just that, whilst taking out all the guesswork!

TOP TIP: When maximising your bathroom space, consider a cavity slider instead of a door swing, that way you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to put behind the door, which allows you to utilise that space a lot better.

It’s also important to remember that bathroom design, no matter what budget, is a creative process, which becomes even more exciting when a theme, like the spa bathroom, is in the works. This can really crystalise the look and feel of your space, and get you excited about the enjoyment you’ll gain once it’s complete!

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