Our Story

Millions of Australians have fallen in love with Alisa and Lysandra. After a successful career in the police force, South Australia’s crime fighting duo hung up their handcuffs for the pursuit of their dream, which kick-started with their appearance and winning success on the reality TV show ‘The Block’.

Hailed as the Design Duo, Alisa and Lysandra Fraser have become the go-to experts for interior transformations, working as interior designers on bespoke properties and collaborating with high profile brands and clients. Their humble beginnings along with their natural entrepreneurial flair have seen them enjoy online success through their store, their exclusive designs, and their ever-growing social media communities.

Beyond their thriving careers, Alisa and Lysandra enjoy busy parenthood that is perfectly balanced with their exciting entrepreneurial lifestyle. Their motivation and determination helps them stay on top of their game, whilst maintaining an ethos of creativity, aspiration and continuous reinvention, which is also evident in their design style.