tammy hembrow’s saski office


This has been once of our favourite projects to date – creating a warm and inviting office space for Tammy Hembrow and the Saski team. Creating a space that evokes great culture and where people love to come to work was a big focal point for this project. It was also important to make sure that the design aspects of the space reflected Tammy’s own personal style, as well as being functional with a dose of personality.

Client Testimonial:
“Being so under the pump with the launch of my new business I really needed a design team that would be able to anticipate my needs and elevate the very little interior design knowledge I have. After meeting with Alisa and Lysandra, I was confident they had a good grasp on the style and look we were going for, and that they would be able to make our office functional in all the different ways we needed it to be. They were a pleasure to work with and made my life so much easier throughout the process so that I could focus on the business getting up and running. The Saski team is so impressed with the end result and feel that Alisa and Lysandra perfectly captured our team culture in the design.” – Tammy Hembrow