Renovating or designing a new space in your home? Make sure you add ‘plants’ on your budget list, because we’ve got news for you… indoor plants are seriously on trend right now and rightfully so, because they deliver a number of benefits that beat any other home accessory.

It’s no secret that we love greening our spaces. Nearly every design we deliver incorporates some kind of plant life, and even Alisa’s kitchen features an entire green wall. Indoor plants purify and detoxify the air in your home, and they add textural interest, they are inexpensive and we think they are the final finishing touch of a room.















Use indoor plants to:

Most new homes are designed for open plan living, so defining a zone (for example your living room, kitchen or dining area) will make them look more distinguished. You can achieve this with plants, either by choosing plants that frame the space and using them in repetition, or by going bold with the size of your plant and pot, and placing it between the zones you want to define.

There are so many varieties to choose from, and each offers textural interest that can invigorate and personalise your space.

Plants have a feel-good energy because they are alive! Their daily detoxification process removes chemicals and other air contaminants, which can supress your immune system and even affect your mood. So if you were thinking of using artificial plants or potpourri you may want to scrap that idea!


Here are our 5 favourites:

snake-plantSansevieria (Mother in Law’s Tongue)

Gone on a 4 week vacation and forgot to water your plants? No stress, your mother in law’s tongues will still be thriving when you return. They are practically un-killable and survive even with little to no light. Plant them in groups, in contemporary, modern pots, and for effect use them in repetition.


Golden Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)    2.GoldenPothos_Epipremnum_aureum_31082012-Joydeep
This fast growing vine is said to remove formaldehyde and other nasties, and it will stay green even in the dark, so it’s ideal for townhouse or apartment bathrooms that use artificial lighting. Use it to emphasize height as it quickly cascades to form a beautiful feature.


3.Dracaena-marginata-resized-digigalosRed Edged Dracaena
The edges of this easy-to-grow plant will add a pop of colour and can make a difference to monochromatic interiors. If you love neutral hues and you’re non-committal with colours, then this plant is for you. It also removes the toxins and chemicals from the air often associated with indoor lacquers and varnishes.


5.palm-818638_640Kentia Palm

This Australian native palm one of the most beautiful ones available and is suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors. Best positioned in a corner that receives adequate, indirect sunlight, use it to create a dramatic effect without sacrificing a lot of space.


Fiddle Leaf Fig
We absolutely love this one; plant this in a beautiful pot or bold wicker basket and it is guaranteed to make a statement by transforming any dull or empty corner.

Dulux 1 (Blue




IMAGE CREDITS: Sansevieria (Martin Olsson/Wikipedia Commons), Golden Pothos (Joydeep/Wikipedia Commons), Red Edged Dracaena (Digigalos/Wikipedia Commons), Palm (Rene Knoll/Pixabay)