Planning and selecting nursery furniture can be quite overwhelming. There are so many choices that it really does pay to spend some time researching all the possibilities. My husband likened our nursery selections to buying a car, lots of pro’s and con’s, asking others around us for advice, as well as test drives and showroom visits- it really is mind blowing!


Perhaps one of the biggest decisions you will need to make is, what furniture will be going into the nursery?  Nursery furniture was one of the first things that I had jotted down on my checklist, bearing this in mind I was determined to find pieces that were durable, functional and stylish (something that was a bit different and unique). After searching the web and hitting Google like nobody’s business, I came across Danish by Design and their range of Leander furniture, and it was honestly like hitting the baby world jackpot. I knew that as soon as I had decided on what key pieces I needed, the rest of the nursery would fall into place.

The more I read, the more certain I became that Leander was going to be a good fit for our nursery, and before I knew it, a baby bed, changing table and chest of drawers were en-route. Here are a few stand out reasons on why I stalked the courier in excitement for the nursery delivery:


One of the most exciting features about the furniture, was that it’s designed to grow with the child, meaning less updating! Most parents are resigned to the fact that a baby’s nursery will need to be changed as the child gets older, and this can happen quite quickly in those formative years. The cot has five stages starting with using the bed with the bottom and sides placed in baby position, all the way to a junior bed. As an added feature, when the bed is no longer in use, it can be used as a sofa in the play room- WINNING!


The changing table is perhaps one of the most underrated pieces of furniture. What if I was to tell you that this one was going to be a game changer? The Leander changing table has been designed to be height adjustable, meaning that it can be adjusted to mum and dad’s height, making change time a whole lot more comfortable. There is also an inbuilt shelf for storage that allows easy access to supplies, meaning that everything is within close reach. Like the cot, once nappies are no more, this changing table can be converted into a small desk.


The chest of drawers were a last minute decision, but one that I am happy I made (or rather convinced hubby on). There really is lots of room for clothes, toys and books. The drawers have a soft close feature which luckily means no squashed fingers. The design and aesthetic of the drawers allow for them to be used in each bedroom from child to teenager.


The Leander furniture is designed for a range of uses, not just a “cot” or “change table”, making it fun and a little bit quirky. Dash’s nursery was the last room to be completed, so it was important that the nursery flowed with the rest of the house to reflect the current style and mood. This was easily achievable with the design aesthetic of Leander products.