Both relatively fit and fans of the more intense workouts, we’ve been reluctant to devote our fitness regime to the more gentle practices. Burning calories is top on our fitness agenda and our weight loss journey, but since everyone is raving about aerial yoga, we thought we’d give it a try, and the verdict? We are both hooked!

It looks strange, but also beautiful. This type of yoga which is also known as AntiGravity Yoga originated in New York in 1991. The whole idea behind it is that you can have your yoga practice off the mat, with the use of this gorgeous apparatus referred to as a yoga hammock.

Out first thought was “we’re going to fall out of this thing”, but shortly after our teacher Zoe assured us that it holds up to 500 kilograms in weight. Phew, relief!

With Alisa being more than half way through her pregnancy, we were able to vary our session, but both started with a stretch. Stretches can be a little ‘meh’, let’s face it they’re nothing to rave about, but stretching inside the hammock was unlike any stretch we’ve ever had!



















We then got straight into the session and the yoga poses, which apparently have fancy names like ‘cocoon’, ‘chandelier’ and ‘spiderman’ to name a few, and that moment arrived when Zoe said “right, let’s try an inversion” and proceeded to guide me through it. “An inversion? You mean I’m going to hang upside down?’’ Yes she nodded.

The idea was terrifying as I pictured myself in this position, until I started to let go and trusted the hammock, what happened next was quite amazing.




















I was inverted for a couple of minutes, and it was incredible! I felt a slight rush of blood to my head, which felt surprisingly refreshing (and apparently it’s good for nourishing the adrenals) and bit by bit I could feel my spine decompressing. I had a look over to see what Alisa was up to and both her and bubs-in-belly were enjoying a ‘savasana’ pose in the hammock, called cocoon. “We so need to get these in the office’’ she kept saying.




















There are also a number of benefits that come with this practice. This low impact form of fitness is amazing for core strengthening and lengthening, it nourishes the lymphatic, digestive and circulatory systems and releases happy hormones; who doesn’t want that? But wait for it, with a regular practice and decompression of your spine, you could end up looking and actually being around 2cm taller. Bonus!




















The yoga studio was beautiful and tranquil and so was our session. We both left  feeling relaxed and excited with the idea that we can vary this type of practice to suit our own skill levels, and even work up that sweat.

We are hooked!