It almost goes without saying that we love what we do and finishing a room with the final karate chop to the perfect cushion is certainly a rewarding moment. However, there are countless hours of hard work and agonising decisions to be made before it is time to “zhoosh” the finished space with our favourite blooms and scented candles. Deadlines loom heavily on a building site and sticking to them is pertinent if we don’t want to blow the budget and fall behind on our other projects. In our biggest renovation to date, our Albert Park redevelopment, we used some time saving tricks to ensure we selected top quality products but without the run around.


I was sure I left my invisibility cloak at home………

Have you been to a store where you either know what you want or you desperately need help but no one is available to serve you? Ever had to follow up on an order for your home improvement project again and again? With a number of projects under our belt we have learnt the hard way to stick with businesses that deliver every time on customer service. Good design goes way beyond the finishing touches and, whilst we oversee every aspect of our project, we rely on trusted suppliers and tradespeople to provide us with expert advice and ensure we receive our orders in a timely fashion. A number of big ticket items for our Albert Park project, like our hot water system, were supplied by South Australian company Pickard. Their staff really understood what we were looking for (and most importantly were able to provide it), assisting with selections and delivering our multiple orders to our Melbourne location without any hiccups. Poor customer service can be a real time waster so working with excellent suppliers is always a priority.



The renovator’s equivalent to “kid in a candy store”

With multiple projects on the go, we simply don’t have time to visit a different store to select every item required for the build or renovation. If we know we can find a great range of products in one place then this can be a real time saver. We really enjoyed selecting our alfresco barbeque for our Albert Park Project from Pickard, whilst at the same time placing an order for our building trusses and browsing their vast range of products. There were so many items that we were able to source in the one location. It was a real time saver and meant that we could actually order a wide range of essentials in one trip, from first fix supplies through to finishing touches. If you can find a one stop shop that doesn’t compromise on the style and quality you want to achieve in your renovation projects then this can be the biggest time saving trick of all.



How Long is the Delay on That?

These are words we hope to avoid every time we decide to place an order. When you have got deadlines to meet, waiting periods for product availability are the last thing you want to be dealing with. Sometimes it means that you have to go with your second, or even third, choice. Working with suppliers and trades that care about your deadline as much as you do means that they will go the extra mile to get you what you need, when you need it. We found Pickard  were able to deliver our first selections as required, even with our tight schedule. For our local South Australian projects, the added bonus of their trade drive through service was a real game changer. Our trades had the option of phoning in orders and having them ready upon arrival (which meant more time spent on site that day). Avoiding lengthy delays on sourcing products and working with suppliers that do the run around for you ensure we stick to our deadlines and free up our time and mental space for the creative details.

Ultimately, working with the right people and the right businesses not only allows us to save time, it saves us a lot of headaches too. Getting the right advice from experts, having products delivered in a timely fashion, and being able to source multiple products from the one supplier, allows us time to focus on what we do best, designing beautiful spaces.